Dress up like Colin Farrell and boys in « The Gentlemen » with plaid tracksuit

Dress up like Colin Farrell and boys in « The Gentlemen » with plaid tracksuit

Admit, have you ever wondered, how to pull off a tracksuit like a cool guy? 😎

Let’s discover all the tips of Colin Farrell and all this boys in The Gentlemen movie. Guy Richie bet on this most unexpected outfit, which distresses internet for masculine fashion look.

Most of the time, the tracksuit is the last outfit you want to wear to be classy. The tracksuit often is used for off days, weekend or chill at home. AND so on, the tracksuit has largely lost its cultural cachet. Too bad. Thanks to the great Colin (and Guy Richie of course) with « The Gentlemen » the tracksuit seems to be very trendy isn’t? Time is changing!

Colin Farrell is The Coach in The Gentlemen, and The Coach ALWAYS is wearing tracksuit, and not just a simple tracksuit: plaid tracksuit. All the boys with him are wearing checked and plaid tracksuit too. They are all a good fashion group!

To become a real « Coach » like Colin Farrell, Spotern has selected 3 pieces of outfits to have absolutely in your dressing. Discover the product:

  • The Perfect Plaid Tracksuit Sweatpant

Brand:  Todd Snyder + Champion (collaboration)

Price: $298

  • The Perfect Zip-up Checkered Bomber Jacket

Brand:  Paul Smith

Price: $1.107

  • The Perfect Mosaic Plaid Zip Jacket

Brand:  Theory 

Price: $685

  • The Perfect Green Plaid Bomber Jacket

Brand: ASOSBrave Soul

Price: $20,95

  • The Perfect Scottish Check Overall Bomber Jacket

Brand: ASOS – Brave Soul

Price: $37

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