Spotern in a nut­shell



  • Spotern is 3 main experiences :

Sans titre.png WATCH IT, GET IT : Find a product or a place seen in movies, TV series, Youtube, TV programs or Instagram.

wantedaze.png YOU SEARCH, THEY FIND Ask other users to find a product you have noticed by posting a WANTED.

createaspotvignette.png YOU SPOT, YOU EARN : Create a spot or answer to others’ wanted and earn money.

For further information, thestartpage give you additional details about those 3 features.

  • Alright, but when do I really earn money ?

 No lie here! Spotern  will not make you the next Bill Gates… However, it may allow you to earn extra money while having fun.  When someone buys a product you have listed, if it is available on our partners’ websites, you will earn half the commission generated at each sale! Chilling on Netflix will finally make you wealthier.

  • It’s a trap ! I am sure you have only a few parnters' websites...

You are mistaken !Spoternhas already more than 150 000 partners and it is only the beginning. For example : Amazon, Asos, Ebay, Zalando, Aliexpress, Etsy, Topshop, Nike, Vide-dressing, Cdiscount…But also many specialized websites all around the world. You have 150 000 opportunities to make more money.

  • But the website is still beta, so...nothing is working ?

The website is totally functional. You can look for products, call upon the community creating wanted, create spots, and, above all, make your contributions grow gathering your commissions in your pot. We keep improving Spotern, hence your feedback on your experience is important for us and our community.

  • Well, why are you still in beta version then ?

Because we always want to improve your experience and being safe is better than being sorry.

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