How does my bank work?


The wolf of spotern

You did not really get yet how you can earn money thanks to Spotern? You need to know how much you already earned with your first spot?

He just finds out how much he earned with Spotern

To understand your bank, you must click on the amount that appears next to "my bank" in your profile. 

You will find a complete report of all the transactions recorded on your bank. Each entry details the date, the type of transaction (gift, sale, withdrawal...), the spot that generated a sale, the amount of the purchase made on the e-shop, the corresponding commission and of course the most important, your winnings! 

Two reports characterize the state of your transactions:

  • Validated: The transaction is now effective and you can enjoy your winnings! 
  • Pending: Great! A sale has been generated by one of your spots. Spotern is waiting for the payment from the e-shop. The commission is registered but is not yet validated definitively on your bank. It should be up to 90 days. Your bank will be updated automatically. 

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