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Ray-Ban sunglasses of Chiara Ferragni on @chiaraferragni

Lunettes de soleil RAY-BAN RB 3547N 001 Oval Flat Lenses 51/21 Mixte Doré Ovale Cerclée Vintage 51mmx21mm 85€

Perfect Match
Ray-Ban sun­glass­es of Chiara Fer­rag­ni on @chiara­fer­rag­ni

By Nad

The bracelet Cartier gold "Just a nail" of Chiara Ferragni on the account instagram of @chiaraferragni

Bracelet Juste un Clou PM: Bracelet Juste un Clou, petit modèle, or jaune 18 carats.

Perfect Match
The bracelet Carti­er gold "Just a nail" of Chiara Fer­rag­ni on the ac­count in­sta­gram of @chiara­fer­rag­ni

By Lara

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