Britt Robertson

Melissa (played by Britt Robertson) outfits on I Still Believe

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The headband hair pink polka dot white worn by Melissa Henning (Britt Robertson) in there, I still believe

Polka points large bandeau nouée, bandeau large, bandeau de Boho, bandeau de mode élégant, bandeau de tête pour des femmes, bandeau vintage,Aliceband

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The head­band hair pink pol­ka dot white worn by Melis­sa Hen­ning (Britt Robert­son) in there, I still be­lieve

By Elcharlot

Silver necklace round Melissa Henning (Britt Robertson) in I Still Believe

Exclusivité Liars & Lovers - Collier à pendentif pièce de monnaie - Argenté | ASOS

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Sil­ver neck­lace round Melis­sa Hen­ning (Britt Robert­son) in I Still Be­lieve

By Frampca

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