Amanda Schull

Katrina Bennett (played by Amanda Schull) outfits on Suits

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Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) Emilio Pucci Dress in Suits

EMILIO PUCCI Stretch-wool crepe peplum mini dress

Perfect Match
Ka­t­ri­na Ben­nett (Aman­da Schull) Emilio Puc­ci Dress in Suits

By Eowyn

Gucci Viscose Jersey Belted Sleeveless Dress worn by Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) in Suits (S04E08)

Jones New York Collection Platinum 4 Nwt Black Sleeveless Seamed Sheath Dress 4 8874034763 | eBay

Close Match
Guc­ci Vis­cose Jer­sey Belt­ed Sleeve­less Dress worn by Ka­t­ri­na Ben­nett (Aman­da Schull) in Suits (S04E08)

By Eva

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